1st Happy Birthday Status and Quotes For Baby Girl And baby Boy

First Happy Birthday Status: Whenever a new family member joins the family, there are no limits to the happiness of the family. But soon they will grow up, but the cutest thing on the planet is a baby and it does not matter whether it’s a baby boy or baby girl. The first they get to celebrate something big is on their first birthday. We decorate our home, invite guests and do all possible thing to make the birthday as much memorable as we can. You can also decorate your house by writing quotes on a paper and then pasting it on your wall. There are lots of 1st Happy birthday quotes for baby boy or girl on the internet. You can download them and use them according to your needs. You can also share them in your posts. Most loving cutie pie birthday wishes messages for baby girl or boy.

First Happy Birthday Status and Quotes

  • You are a small miracle, which has made lives of a dozen people better and brighter! Stay our happiness forever! Happy birthday!
  • You can’t understand what other people are telling you, but for sure you can feel kind and good vibrations. Happy 1st birthday, baby!
  • You are only one year old, but all women’s views in this room are chained to you. Continue in the same spirit, handsome!
  • Happy 1-st birthday, my darling! I and your father are so blessed to have such a cute and smiling baby as you. We love you very much.
  • Today you won’t try a birthday cake, but I can assure you that it was prepared with maternal care and paternal warmth! Happy 1st birthday!
  • It seems to me that only yesterday you were newborn, but today you are already one year old! Time flows and all I can wish you is to live your life to the fullest! Happy birthday!
  • My love for you is endless, I am so happy to be able to watch how you become older. Happy 1st birthday, let it be funny and great.
  • Today is the day of your birthday. Let these first memories will be the brightest and the sweetest for you. Have a happy 1st birthday!
  • Our sweet baby, you are our gift from God, all of us love you, cherish you and can’t wait to see what a wonderful person you’ll become.
  • Your first birthday will be always memorable and I wish you many exciting birthdays ahead. Happy birthday!
  • Today you are one year old, your parents look at you with love and pride, I wish you to be always the reason of their smile. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You are so small and you can’t even imagine how much joy you’ve brought into this world when you were born. Be the happiest child on the planet, happy 1st birthday!
  • Wishing you a very Onederful birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a very precious one year old.
  • Happy birthday to the cutest baby face I’ve ever seen
  • Finally, you have got a whole number as your age. Happy 1st birthday.